5 Tips for Moving With Pets in Los Angeles

If you plan moving with pets, LA movers tell you what there is to know. Read these 5 tips for moving with pets in Los Angeles:

  • Check if it is legal to own that pet. Policies regarding pet ownership differ for each state. So, even if you are allowed to own an exotic breed of dogs or cats, this thing can change once you relocate. The best thing to do is to contact the appropriate federal authorities of the state you will be moving and ask if you can keep the animal. Otherwise, your beloved companies risks getting stuck at the border.moving with pets
  • Make a visit to the vet. The veterinarian knows better how animals behave during relocation and if it is necessary to administrate sedatives. Also, it will tell you what special conditions are needed to transport safely your pet.
  • Acquire all medical documents. Again, the veterinarian will provide health certificate and all medical records of your pet. These documents are important when crossing border or if you want to transport your pet via airplane or train.
  • Check for local veterinarians, veterinarian clinics and pet shops before you move. You must not be caught unguarded if an emergency appears and you need to bring your pet to the medic.  Plus, you can also search for recreational places like parks, places where you can walk your pet.  Before moving in, check if the neighborhood is appropriate for your pet.
  • It is recommended to send pets first, before starting to move. Typically, you can book a flight or a train for your pet and you can match your schedule with the one of that transportation mean.  We do not recommend keeping a pet during a move, because it can be stressed and quite irritated by all agitation happening in front of him.

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