5 Tips for Packing and Moving A Bathroom in Los Angeles

bathtub_green-200x300Movers Los Angeles provides have the necessary competence and tools to accomplish any relocation project. In this blog, one of the best movers presents you 5 tips for packing and moving a bathroom in Los Angeles.

  • Prepare the move in advance. Give at least one week to inspect all rooms, including the bathroom. Record all things you usually keep in bathroom. This will give you an estimate on how many boxes to use and what moving supplies to buy.
  • Get rid of unwanted items or repurpose them. Bathroom is usually the place where we keep all sorts of cosmetics and medicine in various cabinets. Sort all these items and get rid of them if they are passed expiration date, the content looks altered or the label is unreadable. Do not flush them away, pack them in a box and bring it to a local disposal facility. Also, old towels can be used as wrapping materials.
  • Use sealing plastic bags. Toiletries like toothpaste, shampoos, beauty creams and other cosmetics packed in tubes can be easily placed in sealing bags.  They are waterproof and any leak will be retained inside the bag.  But it is better to prevent than to repair. Before placing in bags, make sure all lids are tighten.
  • Carefully label all boxes. Many people overlook this step, thinking that they memorize where they have placed all items. Do not make this mistake. You will need all boxes labeled, in order to place them correctly in the cargo hold. Surely you do not want to smash fragile items because you have placed a box with heavy items on top. Plus, if you hired a mover for loading services, the mover will be facing with the same problem.
  • Hire a local moving company. Local movers will help you relocate faster. Let them analyze the cargo, advise you regarding moving supplies and techniques and provide adequate logistic support.

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