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Items to be Moved by Professional Movers Only

Every once in a while when we have to move, we consider the option of saving money and moving everything ourselves. Working for a moving company, we hear horror stories from clients who have tried to move themselves in the past. Anything can happen when inexperienced individuals try to lift and move heavy, fragile and valuable pieces. While moving some boxes, clothes, and even some furniture yourself can be done, please read below for items … Continue reading >>>

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How to Properly Pack Electronics for Your LA Move

When you are packing up for your Los Angeles move, some of the trickiest items to move are electronics. Most of the time, these pieces are expensive and fragile. Additionally, they are often hard to pack because they have plugs, cords, or connections. The easiest thing to do is to hire professional movers Los Angeles, but if you prefer to pack yourself, read below for suggestions. Packing a desktop computer is no easy task. Unlike … Continue reading >>>

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