How to Pack Art For Your Los Angeles Move

Many people don’t think ahead when it comes to packing and moving art in LA. The common thought is to put a painting in a box, or wrap it with a blanket. However, art can get damaged if not properly wrapped and moved. Professional art galleries often hire commercial movers Los Angeles to pack and move art pieces. Movers will have special protective supplies to protect the item while in transit. However, if you want to try and move art yourself, read below forĀ  tips on how to pack artwork properly.

Moving Unframed Paintings

If you have paintings, photographs, or posters that are unframed and need to be moved, do not roll them for fear that the pieces will get creased or the corners will get bent. Instead, purchase or find pieces of cardboard bigger than the piece of art, and place the item in between two cardboard pieces, taping the cardboard so it doesn’t fall apart.

If the piece of art is thicker, like canvas, purchase acid free paper to wrap the piece with. Using newspaper or other printed materials to wrap the art is not a good idea as it can damage the art piece. After using acid free paper, you can bubble wrap the piece, or find a mirror box to put it in.


Moving Framed Paintings

Moving artwork in a frame is a little easier than art that’s unframed. Mirror boxes are the best bet for this type of item. First, bubble wrap the art completely, taping it to be secure, then place it in a sturdy box. Double boxing is a great method to use for frames with glass, or those that are fragile. Put the bubble-wrapped piece in a double box, make sure to pad with newspapers to pad the inside of the box so that the art doesn’t move while in transit. Tape the box securely, and mark fragile in big letters, so your, or your movers, will know to be careful and not stack anything on top of the art.

You can leave the wrapping of your artwork to the flat rate movers Los Angeles on the day of your move. Find a reliable moving company that will be experienced with moving art.
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