Importance of Shrink Wrap for Your LA Move

Check out what Moving Today says about the importance of shrink wrap for your LA move.


Use the right tools for the job
You may think that moving furniture is nothing more than lifting a piece up and putting it where you want it, but it’s surprisingly easy to damage your belongings doing just that. You can bump a piece of furniture, drop it or scrape it as you’re moving it.

There’s no guarantee that your furniture will arrive at your new apartment completely blemish-free, but you can minimize the risks of damage by using the proper furniture moving tools:

  • Furniture pads are very thick blankets that you put over your furniture to protect pieces from being nicked. Use these especially if you plan to stack boxes or other items on top of your furniture during the move.
  • Straps and bungee cords should be used to keep furniture in place while on the truck so items don’t move or fall over.
  • Bubble wrap is especially important for furniture with glass or other fragile elements.
  • Shrink wrap can be used on furniture to guard against dirt, water and grime. It can also help minimize scratching.
  • Dollies and hand trucks should be used to roll your furniture around. Hand-carrying a piece of furniture increases the likelihood that it will be dropped or make contact with a wall or other items, leading to damage.

Shrink Wrap for Your Los Angeles Move



Shrink wrap does cost money, but it’s nothing compared to the possible damage that can wind up occurring to your items if they are not properly wrapped for packing. Invest in shrink wrap to protect your items!

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