Packing Supplies List For Your LA Move

The scenario is typically the same, your move is quickly approaching, and you have no idea how to start packing. Whether moving home or office, hiring professional residential or office movers Los Angeles , you want to start collecting needed supplies to prepare for moving day. But where do you start?

We recommend making an inventory list of all the items you are moving. Figure out what from your furniture, clothes, dishes, etc., you want to move, and what you want to donate or toss. Make a list of all the items that you will need to move, that will help you narrow down on what kind, and how many, supplies you will need to purchase.

There is a list of typical supplies that an average home or business would need. Start with this list, and purchase more, or modify, if needed.

According to, you must have :

  1. 15-20 small cardboard boxes
  2. 15-20 medium cardboard boxes
  3. 15-20 large carton boxes
  4. Bubble wrap
  5. Packing peanuts
  6. Newspaper
  7. Large roll of plastic wrap to use to protect distinct shapes and furniture
  8. Mattress bags, recommended for each mattress your transfer
  9. Packing tape
  10. Box cutters or razor blade
  11. Permanent markers

You’d be surprised to find many of these items around your home or business. Surely you have some old newspaper and permanent markets laying around. For the rest, you can collect these items from a local shop, or you can get an entire kit of boxes from a number of home supply stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes.

You can always rely on the best movers Los Angeles to help you pack if you are not sure how to start.  They will always check your boxes to make sure they are strong enough to hold the items. They will make the moving process much easier.

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Packing supplies for your LA move