How to Transport Your Motorcycle? Call Movers in Los Angeles!

Nothing compares with riding your motorcycle. The adrenaline rush makes you feel young, wild and powerful. Every motorcycle owner knows this feeling and wants to keep it forever.  For many, motorcycle is part of the family. So, when the time comes to move, you must pay significant attention to your vehicle.

Carlos+Senna+Delivery+020It is both an investment but also an object with deep emotional value. So, if you do not know exactly how to transport your motorcycle, it would be better to call movers in Los Angeles.  They will help you move the motorcycle faster and safer.

First, you will have to choose between open shipping and enclosed shipping.  Open shipping is less expensive, but it is not recommended if the bike will be transported on more than 500 miles away. With enclosed shipping, your motorcycle will be placed in a container and loaded into an enclosed trailer.

This method will make the transport safer, since it protects the vehicle from snow, rain, sandstorms or other damaging elements.  If you want to hire a mover, search for local companies that transport vehicles and present your option for enclosed or open shipping.

In order to prepare your motorcycle for transport, there are several steps to be followed.  First, remove the battery and drain the gas tank. If you do not want to remove the battery, you can at least disable the alarm otherwise the alarm will be beeping all the way until destination.

Wash your vehicle and notice all the existing flaws: chips, cracks or dents.  This will also help you make a report of any existing damage prior to pickup. Make the report and a list with problems that may occur to your bike.  Secure loose parts of you bike and make sure that it does not have any leakage.  Do not forget to take dated pictures of your motorcycle.

Contact us if you want your motorcycle to be transported safely and fast.  Check out our rates!