What Moving Supplies Are Typically Needed For A Household Move

Find out what moving supplied are typically needed for a household move and if you need some help, ask it from Los Angeles Melrose Moving Company. Check the list:

Packing supplies for your LA move

Packing supplies for your LA move

Bubble wrap — It is a really good cushioning material and it is a must have for any box containing fragile items..

Cardboard dividers — thin cardboard dividers are commonly found in liquor boxes, boxes of Christmas ornaments, glassware, etc. They keep small, fragile items bumping together inside a box.

Foam packing peanuts — they work well to separate items in your boxes from one another.

Inflatable plastic bags —can be used to fill huge empty gaps inside your larger boxes, and to keep things from shifting around.

Foam pads — use them in the packaging of small- to medium-sized fragile items.

Styrofoam sheets

Brown kraft paper —use sheets of this heavy-duty brown paper to wrap photos and art prints.

Newspaper — uses it to take up empty spaces in boxes, as well as to wrap items and keep things from bumping inside your boxes.

Blankets — you should purchase a handful of heavy-duty moving blankets. In most cases, however, your old blankets are your best bet.

Sheets & pillowcases — perfect for wrapping semi-fragile items within boxes. Pillowcases are also great for protecting some plants, lamp shades, and other items.

Boxes of all shapes and sizes — while large items may require large or extra-large boxes, remember that heavy things need to be placed in as small boxes as possible.

Move tape —   You will need shipping tape for sealing boxes, masking tape for labeling boxes, duct tape or strapping tape for reinforcing and closing heavier boxes, and painter’s tape for any immediate painting and frame hanging projects in your new home.

Scissors and box cutters —  They are also things you should have on hand in multiples, especially if you have helpers in the unpacking process.

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